Syria Gas Network

Management Applications and Training Simulator

Simulator Scope

syria_gas_network-image2The simulator scope of supply includes for the entire Syria Gas Network that encompasses over 2000km of pipe work, 3 intermediate compressor stations, over 100 intermediate valves, 17 detailed consumer sites and 7 supply sites. The simulator operates in offline and real time mode, tracking and blending variations in fluid composition. It simulates the complete dynamic flow, pressure and thermodynamic variance.

System Benefits

syria_gas_network-image3In real time mode, the simulator provides a complete picture of the flow, pressure, temperature and compositional variation in addition to the current equipment status. This data supplies surrounding pipeline management applications that includes inventory and capacity analysis, demand / supply balancing, pressure integrity monitoring and energy calculations. The information is made available to accounting packages for invoicing purposes.

A comprehensive training course and training environment was provided as part of the supply. An offline model that can be initiated from real time conditions can be used for detailed offline simulations including surge analysis. A classroom style-training environment is provided that allows up to 5 trainees to be trained simultaneously.

System Syria Gas Network
Location Syria
Scope Pipeline Management
Client Syria Gas Company
Installation Date 2006
Pipe Length Over 2000 km
Fluid Gas of variable composition