Khartoum Project – Omdurman Water Supply Hydraulic Study of Raw & Potable Water Pipelines

Study Scope

The study comprised the design and analysis of a new 1400mm diameter raw water pipeline from the Nile River to a water treatment works at Omdurman. Potable (drinking) water is then transferred from the works into Thoura and Al Gamayir Reservoirs and into the Al Manara North Distribution Network.

Simulators of both the raw and treated water systems were built and suitable pumps were selected based upon the range of potential operating conditions. There were a number of limitations on the pressure ratings of parts of the raw water system and hence different possible surge alleviation measures were calibrated to ensure the maximum and minimum surge pressures were kept within acceptable limits. In addition to this, the study had to ensure that the wide range of possible pump elevations were analysed in the raw water system as the pumps were suspended in the river and could be raised or lowered depending upon the turbidity levels.

As the WTW could simultaneously supply different areas via dedicated branch pipelines, it was necessary to size, select and locate flow control valves at the reservoirs. The stroke time and PID controllers were optimised using the simulator which is capable of modelling multiple complex controllers and accurately predicts the response of the controllers to transient events in the system.


System Transfer Pipelines
Location Sudan
Scope Hydraulic Study
Client Biwater PTY
Study Date 2008
Length 12km
Fluid Raw / Potable Water
Pipe Diameter 1400mm / 1200mm